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Hot & Fast Pulled Pork

Hot & Fast Pulled Pork


2kg Pork Neck or Shoulder
GNL Pork Rub
GNL Sea Salt
Firefly California Apple BBQ Sauce


Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 6 hours
Yield: 10 - 20 Servings
Wood: Fruit wood or birch

You will also need peach paper for best results.

We catered for a wedding last weekend - 120 hungry punters and just the two of us to feed them all in 3 hours. No panic like. We did a huge menu that included prawns, smoked turkey, black bean burgers, lamb sliders, sausages 3 ways, Drummond House garlic scapes, Irish tomato salad, haloumi and chimi churri, and the star of the show - pulled pork.

We usually cook pulled pork low and slow - 12 hours or more, but if you follow these instructions exactly you can get exceptional pulled pork in half the time.

Get your smoker or barbeque to 160c or 325f. Use cherry wood chunks for extra colour on the meat, but any wood will do - just make sure you use good quality hardwood chunks.

Rub the pork butt (shoulder) or neck with GNL Sea Salt and GNL Pork rub. GNL Sea Salt is exactly the right grain size for large cuts of meat and it dissolves slowly over a few hours cooking - this means it is constantly taking water away from the surface of the meat and helping form a bark. GNL Pork rub has the exact right amount of sugar and savoury spices to compliment fatty pork shoulder. Use both generously.

Cook the pork unwrapped until it has an internal temp of 75c or 165f (this will take 3 - 4 hours). And this point you want to remove it from the smoker and wrap it with foil or peach paper. Before wrapping you can add a liquid such as apple juice, bbq sauce, or coke. This will help keep the pulled pork moist and sweet.

Keep the fire lit and the pork cooking until you get a core temperaqture in the thickest part of the meat that is at least 91c or 195f and at most 95c or 203f.

Remove the meat and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. If you wrapped in foil open it to let the meat breathe. If you used peach paper you don't need to do this.

Then use forks, spoons, or fingers to pull the pork. Remove any big pieces of fat. Add loads and loads of bbq sauce (ideally warmed). Serve with crusty rolls!

A BBQ classic - and very easy to make.

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