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Irish Duck

Irish Duck

We hear a lot about Irish beef and Irish lamb, but did you know that in countries that value duck, Irish duck is considered the best in the world? Did you also know that cooking duck over hot coals is probably the best and easiest way to cook it and to give you a crisp skin and rendered fat?

Making proper Peking Duck is a bit of an art form, but over the years I have learned a fast and easy way to create crispy and succulent duck on even a small BBQ like a Weber Smokey Joe (perfect for camping!).

Simply bring a large pot of water to the boil. Stir in some sugar in the form of honey, dark treacle, golden syrup, or just sugar. Dip the raw duck in the hot water for about 30 seconds. This prepares the skin for crisping and makes a big difference. Dry the skin with kitchen paper and salt well. If you have time leave uncovered in the fridge overnight for even drier skin.

Then cook the duck over coals at about 180c for around an hour or until you get a temp of 70c in the core. You can use any barbeque and if you have a rotisserie, it works best. Baste the duck with a fruity style barbeque sauce for the last few minutes of cooking if you want a dark rich flavour on the skin.

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