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Smashing Smash Burgers

Smashing Smash Burgers

So on a random Wednesday evening in September we decided we wanted to try out a few new toys. So we chucked our "The Windmill Camp Stove" in the boot, along with a bag of Carbonitas charcoal, Wood Wool Fire Lighters, a lighter!, a Petromax Wrought Iron Pan, beef mince, onion, pepper, tomatoes cheese slices, SAUCES galore and most importantly S.P.G.

We three (yes Eddie pup was there too obvs!) - scooted down to nearby Gyles' Quay and set up just before sun down.

After lighting the stove and getting our pan red hot we realised we had no burger buns, forks or butter LOL but that didn’t stop us - WE would have smash burgers for tea!

Smash burgers are a brand new trend that I’m convinced my Da or my Uncle Paddy made back in 1990 but how and ever! They were divine!

Each burger patty had a crispy, crunchy coating - definitely down to the seasoning on the outside of the burgers and the intense heat of the pan!


20% beef mince
S.P.G. to taste
10g of butter or oil
50g diced onion
50g diced red pepper
100g tomato
4 cheese singles
30g chorizo or bacon
30g Firefly Peruvian Amariilo Chilli Sauce


Get your pan on the heat on your BBQ, gas stove, electric oven etc etc

Once your pan is roaring hot, melt some butter on the pan

Cook down your chorizo, onions, peppers, tomatoes if you are wanting to add them to your burger

Add one or two meatballs depending on pan size, then smash them with a large spatula, fish slice, or bacon press until they are pretty thin

Whilst cooking sprinkle your S.P.G. on the side of your burger that’s facing up

When you see the fat start to melt in the mince, little holes will appear in the burger and it is time to flip it

Gently get your spatula underneath your burger, keeping that crispy coating intact and flip it onto the S.P.G. covered side

Now it’s time to add your cheese slices. Put one on each patty and let it melt

Add your onions, chorizo, peppers, tomatoes

Then plate up! Drizzle with Firefly Peruvian Amarillo sauce or other fave!

And of course put it all in a toasted bundy bap if your remember to bring yours - :P

YUM! Smashed it!

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