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Hot & Fast on the Weber & Ugly Drum Smoker

Hot & Fast on the Weber & Ugly Drum Smoker

Last night we decided to cook up some very cheap and tough cuts of beef and lamb. We had a boned, stuffed, and rolled lamb breast (a lambchetta, lambetta, lambretta?), some lamb ribs, and some beef short ribs. Conventional wisdom says that fatty tough cuts need low and slow cooking, but we have experimented before with cooking tough cuts of meat at 500c in the pizza oven (we did a full lamb neck in about 20 minutes) and the results had some promise. So we tried again, but this time over charcoal and oak wood for extra flavour.

We also enjoyed a glass of rum as you can see :-) Feedback on the meat down below...

Feuerhand Hurricane Lamp, Old VW Van

Feuerhand Lantern

Lamb ribs, beef ribs, bbq dry rub

Old Volkswagen Van and Weber Mastertouch

Lamb ribs on Weber BBQ

BBQ meats

Breast of lamb BBQ

The lamb meat was very tender, very delicious, and very juicy. The beef was really over cooked on the outside - in a good way - like the crispy bits you get in a pub carvery, however it was not tender enough for me. Perfectly acceptable though.

We used Marabu Charcoal, Whiskey Oak Chunks, Steak seasoning, and meat from Nolan's of Kilcullen.

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